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Technical Help Desk

We assist customers who are having trouble with their computer through phone and Remote Desktop Support. For Services as Follows:

1.Troubleshoot virus related issue.
2.Troubleshoot and Install Printer and Scanner.
3.Installation and Upgrade OS.
4.Installation and Troubleshooting for streaming device.
5. Testing and fixing faulty equipment.
6.Monitoring and Maintaining PC's.
7.Assisting the customer to troubleshoot over telephone.
8. Setting up new users' accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues.
9.Testing and evaluating new technology.

Education Counseling

Services Support

How we can help ?

We provide international students with support in applying to U.S. colleges including preparing college application materials, completing visa documentation, and assisting with travel and living arrangements.


From inquiry to enrollment, there are several steps that must be completed to successfully add a new student to your enrolled student base. Forms must be completed, documentation submitted, fees collected, and so on. When you recruit international students, this challenge is compounded due to extended hours and varied time zones.   Our team of subject matter experts can help streamline the entire admissions process using standardized procedures for timeliness, data quality, accuracy, and reporting. We use proprietary software that ensures accuracy and efficiency, and enables us to make our services available to any size institution.

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